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Illustrations add much value to an academic paper, journal and other publications. Creating illustrations is not a skill that researchers are expected to possess. There are many scholarly authors who might have the ability to do research, and even pen the results down in words. But they do not have the ability to create illustrations that can express the message that the content wishes to convey.

A good idea is to collaborate with an expert, and work out on how the artwork can be created in a professional manner, so there is adequate interface between the visuals and the research. We at PhD Assistant offer support to such scholars as we comprise of a team of illustrators and graphic designers who can create an appropriate art for their manuscript.

How our skilled team works?

There are many tools available in the modern world that makes the task of artwork quite easy. PhD Assistant not only has access to these applications, but they also have proficient personnel who can use them to create appropriate designs. Our designers are proficient to work on a variety of art work types. To name a few, we have:

  • Line Art that primarily is used for bar graphs, pie charts, and schematics
  • Halftones (or Photographs) which can further be categorized into-
    • Camera-ready Art
    • Conventionally drawn Art
    • Tearsheet Art
    • Computer-drawn Art

We ensure to keep up with the specific requirements of the research scholars with regard to their manuscript. Apart from the choice of appropriate artwork, we also pay serious attention to the color schemes used, acceptable file size, and relevance of the image to the research. In all, we make your manuscript publish-ready.


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