Role of Supervisors

Conducting a research work is a critical task that each and every researcher across the world has to undertake and most of them complete the work successfully. In this journey, there are many predicaments, which a researcher has to encounter, and in most of the cases, the researcher does not have any clue to overcome those predicaments. The predicaments can be in terms of review of literature, collection of data, rectifying the errors present in data, choice of proper research methodology, interpretation of complex results, etc. Therefore, in the course of this journey, every researcher requires a proper guidance, and this role is being played by the supervisor of the research work.

In order to carry out a research work in the smoothest way, a researcher has to communicate with the research supervisor on a regular basis, as that person is already having ample amount of experience regarding research in that field, which can assist the researcher in the due course of the journey. First, a research supervisor knows the existing body of knowledge on the broad area of that particular topic. Therefore, he / she can suggest the suitable literature for the specific research area. Second, due to the experience of the supervisor in the field of academics, the network of the supervisor with other academicians and researchers across the world is supposed to be strong. Any researcher, working under the supervision of that faculty, can exploit those networks for the betterment of the study, for finding out best conferences in that domain across the world, for funding opportunities, and for finding out possible publication opportunities. In a nutshell, a supervisor is not the one, who will only review the work, but a person, who will facilitate the study in all possible ways. For more information about importance supervisors in academics, kindly browse through the pages of