Rapid Technical Review

It is seen that most scientific journals refuse to take four out of every five manuscripts came to them. For that reason, service related to rapid technical review is necessary. Now, what is rapid technical review service? Coming through this service, you can get the expert panelists, these panelists will publish peer-reviewed papers, and they evaluate your paper giving meaningful comments, so that you can progress upon your manuscript before submitting it to the journal of your choice.

We at, phdassistant.com involved in giving service for rapid technical review which has been designed closely to resemble the peer review process undertaken at major high impact journals. Our services will make most excellent use of your chances of receiving constructive comments from the journal editorial team.

What does our Rapid Technical Review service will offer you?

Our experienced reviewer panel will understand and help you to get rid of most major reasons for manuscript rejection. They will print and peer-reviewed papers in major journals. The editor specialist will give you pervasive comments within a rapid turnaround time; they will allow you to improve your manuscript while meeting aggressive publication deadlines. As a result, you need not have to wait to hear from a journal after submission.

Benefits of our rapid technical review services’ includes:

1. Widespread and objective evaluation.

2. Our review report contains a complete set of questions and answers by the experts, evaluating all characteristic of your manuscript.

3. Specific technical input

4. Whether it is study design, literature review, methods reporting, or data analysis, our report will contains definite trigger questions compelling reviewers to look at every angle of your research.

5. Our scholars will give you actionable recommendations for the improvement of your manuscript.

6. Our professionals will recommend curative action, for every problem identified.

7. Our professionals will list their suggested revisions in order of significance allowing you to focus on the main critical issues.