5 Steps Toward Conducting Your Research Effectively

When you conduct any type of research, you can make it impressive by following a model of hourglass. Similar to an hourglass, your research information starts from being wide through going narrow to being wide again. Based on the same model, here are some steps that can be followed to make your research really effective.

Step 1: Start by defining your problem clearly and meaningfully with the help of relevant hypotheses. Go about searching for the right information to assess the scope of your study. If required, then you can also reevaluate your problem.

Step 2: When you finalize a problem for investigation, find out the right methods that can help you do this. You may go for an interview or apply a questionnaire on your subjects. Consider the context of your study and then finalize your methods.

Step 3: Make strategic plans on executing your process. If any changes are required in your strategies, then take them up now. Start taking down notes while also structuring them and tracking your sources.

Step 4: After you refine your tracked sources, link them up with your previous knowledge and information. If hypotheses need to be revised, then do it according to the project needs. This can benefit you in using your information more effectively.

Step 5: Keep your work original and handle citations in the required style. When you take up information from several sources, do not forget to credit them if you use that information in your project.

After you have conducted your research, document it with similar effectiveness. Presentation is an important aspect of research and your content should also match your hard work. Ensure to define your writing guidelines so you can work according to proper linguistic styles and formatting standards.

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