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An author's hard work is accomplished once it is showcased in a scientific journal. For which, the preliminary step is to get the cover letter approved by the journal publisher. Great care needs to be taken while generating the same as this supporting document creates the first impression of the researcher.

Possessing writers with sharp linguistic skills and writing expertise, we prove to be the top-notch service provider in the stream. We offer a comprehensive support in preparing a cover letter capable of selling the manuscript to a high impact factor journal in the first go. With the use of right words and genuine content, we also pay significant attention to the following aspects:

  • Following the prescribed format given by the journal publishers
  • Extensively checking for the grammar and punctuation
  • Briefly describe every detail of the research in a crisp and clear format
  • Highlighting the findings and suggestions

Many people use language that is too generic in their cover letter. Cover letters need to be a personal statement, and need to give an insight into the mind, knowledge and abilities of the writer. And at the same time, the cover letter should not be full of hype with extensive use of flowery language. A fine line has to be drawn in the middle. Our professionals focus on the details to be included in the document without dragging on for too long. We assure that our assistance will get an instant review to the manuscript, backed up with an influential cover letter.


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