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It is the dream of most scholars to have their work published in the public domain. But the rejection of the manuscript by the publishing house, primarily because of the non-compliance of the journal's guidelines, creates distress in authors' minds. Our Journal Submission service is targeted to help such authors in handling the complexities of the submission procedure.

When researchers approach us for getting their work published, we follow a set procedure comprising of the following steps:

  • Initially, out editors overlook their work and deem it suitable for publication.
  • Subsequently, we check for the relevance of research objectives with the Journal's scope.
  • Understand the target Journal's submission instructions and guidelines.
  • Pre-submission Peer Review the manuscript.
  • Keep a checklist of the required documents.
  • Prepare the Cover Letter to approach the publishing house.

Our editors, being versed in a diverse array of languages, check the manuscript for grammar, layout and presentation. The content is also checked for plagiarism so that the project material can be certified as authentic. The process only finishes when the researcher has his work successfully loaded onto a reputed journal. By working as a messenger between the author and the publication house, we take over the burden of research scholars while saving much of their time.


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  • Track progress through reports
  • Pay on the basis of performance
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