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All writers whether they are working in academia or elsewhere need to guard against the threat of plagiarism. Plagiarism is a problem that academic boards take very seriously. We at PhD Assistant use the latest software to ensure that no content is copied from any other source without the proper citations.

0% Plagiarism makes way for Instant Approval

It is normal for content to be copied inadvertently from another site. This causes him to land in trouble with those who are checking the work. It is a good idea for the content to be run through plagiarism checking tools before it is sent for review to a supervisory committee. Apart from checking for plagiarized content, we also assist in getting rid of it. Our editors identify the copied part and rephrase the sentences while suggesting a new method of writing a piece of work.

Through our Plagiarism check service, we provide the researcher with a copy of the plagiarism report so that they know how much of the work is completely original, and how much of the work is similar to content from another research paper.

We also ensure to check that the research paper properly cites all the copied content or the content inspired from other's research. It is essential to present a list of all such citations, with a simultaneous entry to the references section. Getting our assistance in this regard will definitely open ways for acceptance for all the research scholars.


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