The world is a global village and people are more connected than ever before. We at PhD Assistant offer translation services for researchers who are keen to get their work read all around the world. There are numerous online journals in various languages. This provides an opportunity for the research project to be published in various languages, and then loaded onto those sites. Our translation service allows researchers and authors to share their discoveries with scientists and target readers in other countries, and have debates and discussions with them on the subject matter.

Through this service, we cover the two facets of translation, namely:

  • Native Language to English: English, being a globally accepted language, is often considered the desired language for scientific writing. Most of the research candidates are not verse with the language and seek our assistance to translate their work, originally in the native language, to English.
  • English to Native Language: For worldwide readability, we also offer translation service from English to the native language of different regions. This can also be chosen by those native-English speakers who wish to get their manuscript showcased in non-English language journals.

Our skilled professionals have the ability to transfer the work into another language without the content losing any of its original richness. Countries like Japan and China are at the forefront of research work. But their languages are not understood by people around the world. Scientists from these countries as well as citizens of other countries benefit greatly from having research material translated into their native tongues.


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