Cover Letter: Sell Your Manuscript to a High Factor Journal at First Attempt

Are you an author, looking for a journal publisher’s approval? Are you a research/PhD fellow and want to publish your research paper in some prominent journal? If the answer of the questions are in ‘yes’, then you must know how to sell the manuscript to the publisher and get it approved. You might have put your best ever efforts in accomplishing the writing of the manuscript. But, all your hard work may go in vein if you can’t reach to your targeted readers.

Everyone wants to publish his or her write –up in some prestigious and important journal, but sometimes authors fail to catch the eye of the journal publisher. The reason lies in the approach of how you present yourself to the publisher. When, you approach a journal publisher, you need to write a cover letter.

The cover letter is the first impression that the publisher will get about you and your work. But, it has been seen, majority people fail to write a proper and smart cover letter.

Cover letter is not a place to show your linguistic skill; rather you have to describe your knowledge, abilities and thought process here. There should be a personal touch in the tone of the write up. You should neither use too generic or too complex words; try to keep it simple, straight forward and crisp.

Apart from this, each and every journal publisher prefer the cover letter to be written in their specified format, you have to keep it in mind too. Following are some of the tips for writing a proper cover letter:

  • Include the name, contact details, qualification, designation and places of work of the author
  • Include your subscription number of that particular journal
  • Mention the title of the study and year of completion. Generally, some journals don’t publish an article if its more than 5 years old

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